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Casting enterprises need long-term goal

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Foundry enterprises to continuously improve the development mechanism and the development of the state in development, and change with the development of the social environment, closely follow the trend of the times.

First of all, the development of enterprises must establish a long-term goal, enterprise top management must be from the short-term goal lost in return, back to the correct direction of long-term construction, also is to improve products and services as the eternal purpose. "Customers only buy better products and service", we must strive to maintain the competitive, to do long-termbusiness plan. Foundry enterprises to survive, we must study the idea of total quality managementand the idea, chooses the quality as the ultimate goal, with the vision and organizational strategy to achieve the goal of clear.

Casting enterprises must be absolute intolerance of coarse ingredients, poor operation, defectiveproducts and loose service, must adopt new ideas to deal with the competition, and the quality must be the enterprise of faith. The survival of the cost and quality need to spend money to buy goods and services is inversely proportional to, such as: reliable services can reduce the cost, service ormistakes delay but will raise the cost of. Due to the delay of service and error, consumption of goods and services are terminated, which reduces the meaning of their existence. High quality, nowaste or defective, the production cost decreased, improve production efficiency, increase customer satisfaction and loyalty, profit will increase. If there are quality problems of products to our customers hand, tangible or intangible losses will be bigger, means that the cost will be higher.Thus, high quality is not expensive, poor quality is expensive, the foundry enterprises should stop worrying about quarter profit, concentrate on the all-round improvement of quality, start the design of products should put the quality in the mind.

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