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Foundry industry is facing five major obstacles

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First, the importance of die casting industry has been recognized by more and more people, but it has yet to reach the heights, so the position has not completely straighten out, the policy can not be fully implemented, get the support strength is not enough, the intensity is also inadequate. As for the characteristics of mold industry, not much in addition to people outside the industry who really know. In order to obtain more support, propaganda task is still very heavy.

Second, Chinas foundry mould industry compared with international advanced level, in the concept, design, process, technology, experience, etc. there is a wide gap, overall we are inadvanced countries learning to track the stage, innovation is not enough, has not yet reached theinformatization of manufacturing and management and innovation stage, but in the medium level in the world, the industry the overall level compared with the international advanced level, there are approximately 15 years gap, wherein the casting online mold processing detection and information management of the gap in 15 years. To shorten the gap has a long way to go.

Third, Chinas high economic growth period is near the end, the future will show the trend of rising costs and speed, and the falling rate of profit will be the norm, binding energy and ecological environment will become increasingly large, structural adjustment and transformation of the growth mode of the imminent international, many variable factors, in this situation, the steady growth ofcasting mould industry to maintain high speed and sustainable development, is very difficult butmust be implemented, the industry faces this problem solution.

Fourth, shortage of talents, especially the lack of senior talents has become an importantbottleneck in the development of the mould industry, although in recent years training in the talentwe have made a lot of achievements, but there are still a big gap from the demand. Chinesedemographic dividend is decreasing, the human resource will be the long-term tight. Strengthen the training of personnel to meet the need of application, high technology, improve the integration of the two, the development of informatization, standardization, automation, so as to reduce theproduction of labor, these are the task in front of us, though some have more long-term goals, butmust be taken seriously.

Fifth, the financing difficulty of small and medium-sized enterprises, receivables increased, the tense capital, cost rises, profit margins are falling phenomenon still exists, not solve, but also the continuous development. Some southern provinces energy supply, industrial use of electricitylimitation still exists. 

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