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Give priority to the use of Municipal Engineering

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Times News (reporter Huang Qiang) in September 26th for construction waste is increasing, the our city to develop the implementation of views to promote the citys construction waste comprehensive utilization work.

It is understood, in recent years the city construction in our city construction waste generated each year about 16000000 to 20000000 cubic meters, covers an area of nearly thousand Chinese acresof landfill. To this end, the city will increase the use of construction waste comprehensive support,encourage enterprise investment, BOT and other forms of investment promoting construction wastecomprehensive utilization of project construction.

Views on the use of new wall materials, production materials enterprise comprehensive use of construction waste, will be based on the relevant provisions from the special funds given financial incentives, and according to relevant tax relief provisions of the state. At the same time, to ensure that the construction waste priority and free supply to the enterprise for comprehensive utilization ofconstruction waste. Renovation of urban surrounding quarry, the implementation of limited production disable solid clay brick and other measures, gradually taking construction wastecomprehensive utilization of products instead of sand mining.

In the application aspect, encourage in city construction, real estate development and constructionprojects, actively promote the application of construction waste comprehensive utilization of products, especially the municipal public sector should give priority to the use of the municipal public facilities and municipal engineering. To ensure the quality of the construction engineeringand related requirements and compliance with the municipal public facilities related standards, any department, unit shall not be any reason to refuse to comprehensive utilization of products using the construction waste. I will also make use of products into the government procurement directory integrated construction waste.

Comments also suggested, quantity and strictly control the scale of construction waste comprehensive utilization of enterprises. The existing construction waste comprehensive utilization of bibcock enterprise not to meet the design production capacity, in principle, not new construction waste comprehensive utilization enterprises.

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